Program Steps

There are three steps to this program:

STEP ONE: Agree to Participate in the Program

To begin your participation in the Program, you need to complete the initial contact form and the Stage 1 and Stage 2 consent forms. You have the choice of printing them off this web site, signing them and returning them to the address at the bottom of the form, or you can call us at 1-800-866-9663 and we will mail you the forms. After we receive these documents from you, we will contact you to schedule a work history interview.

STEP TWO: Work History Interview

The work history interview will take about an hour to complete. It can be conducted in person at a local outreach office, over the telephone, or on this secure Internet site. The information you provide will help us determine the substances you may have been exposed to while working on a DOE site. When possible, we will provide site maps to help you recall the specific areas you worked in. An occupational health specialist will review the information you provide and determine eligibility for the medical screening. The Program will provide you with a written recommendation regarding the medical screening and specific tests you should receive.

STEP THREE: Free Medical Screening Exam

If you choose to participate in the medical screening exam, you will receive a limited physical examination and specific tests as recommended by the occupational health specialists. You will receive a written report of your results, informative educational materials, and if appropriate, a referral to your primary care physician or a medical specialist. While the Program will help with referrals, it will not pay for any additional medical testing other than what may be provided or recommended by the health specialists as part of the screening examination.