If you haven't gone in for your free screening, you better get on the ball. Hopefully you'll find out everything’s alright, but if it isn't, you might catch a condition earlier than I did and be able to do something about it before it's too late. Conditions creep up on you, they don't turn up overnight.

- Charles DePriest, Portsmouth GDP
Provider Information
Medical Newsletter
BTMed Medical Newsletter, Jan. 2013
BTMed Medical Newsletter, Jan. 2014
BTMed Medical Newsletter, Jan. 2015
BTMed Medical Newsletter, Jan. 2016

Medical Exam Outline
Exam Outline

Medical Protocol
U.S. Department of Energy Medical Screening Protocol
for the Former Worker Medical Screening Program

Program overview, rationale, description of medical modules, and summary of nationwide program results to date
Program Rationale
Surveillance of Respiratory Diseases Among Construction and Trade
Workers at Department of Energy Nuclear Sites

Surveillance of Hearing Loss Among Older Construction and Trade
Workers at Department of Energy Nuclear Sites

Screening for Beryllium Disease Among Construction Trade
Workers at Department Of Energy Nuclear Sites

Example of Occupational History
Occupational History Questionnaire

Example of Pre-Authorization Form
Pre-Authorization sample

Medical History Questionnaire
Medical History Questionnaire

Hemosure® One Step Immunological Fecal Occult Blood Test
Procedure Manual
Test Procedure Tutorial Video
Patient Instructions

Informed Consents
Stage 1 : Initial consent to participate, obtained by service office
Stage 2 : Consent for work history interview, obtained by service
Stage 3 : Consent for medical examination, obtained in your office
Stage 4 : Consent for beryllium LPT, obtained in your office

Physical Exam Form
Physical Exam form

Procedure for Critical and Urgent Lab Values
Critical / Urgent Lab Values

ATS documents on standardization and interpretation of spirometry
General considerations for lung function testing
Standardisation of Spirometry
Guidelines from American Thoracic Society on Interpretation of Spirometry, 2005
Spirometry Policies and Procedures by KUMC

Procedures and lab requisition forms for BeLPT
Beryllium screening in BTMed 2012 update and recommendations for medical evaluation
Consent forms, obtained in your office (same as in 7.D)
Codes and tubes needed for Quest Diagnostics

Results letter example, and B-Read interpretation

Results letter example, results and recommendation codes for merge letter, and a CD with the merge letter and instructions on how to use it
Results letter example
Results / Recommendation Codes

An overview of how to interpret the B reader form
B-Read Interpretation

Educational materials sent by Zenith Service office after the exam

Beryllium Fact Sheet
Hearing Loss
NIOSH Silicosis Brochure
Understanding Cholesterol
American Heart Numbers That Count
NHLBI High Blood Pressure
Guide to Lowering Blood Pressure
Pre-Diabetes What You Need to Know
Type 2 Diabetes What You Need to Know
NDEP 4 Steps to Control Diabetes
AMA Plan to Quit Smoking
Guide to Quitting Smoking
EEOICPA Fact Sheet
EEOICPA Resource Centers
Fernald Fact Sheet
Weight Management

Adverse Event Reminder
Adverse Event Reminder Letter

PII Policy Procedure
BTMed PII Policy Procedure January 2013.pdf

Re-Screening Program Details
Re-Screen Medical History Questionnarie
Rescreen Physical Exam Reporting Form
Results / Recommendation Codes

Department of Labor Compensation Program (EEOICPA)

Participant Letters

Beryllium 1st Abnormal Compensation Letter

Information on the Department of Labor Compensation Program (EEOICPA) and Applicant Forms
DOL Office of Workers Compensation Programs
DOL Resource Centers
DOL District Offices

Hazardous Materials Information
Hazmat Transportation Training (HTML)
Hazmat Transportation Training (PDF)
Hazmat Transportation Training (Microsoft Powerpoint)
Hazmat Training Quiz
Hazmat Training Answer sheet
Hazmat Shipping Supplies